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SDK EUROPE CAMP & BATTLE - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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I need general information, to ask for something, get some advice..

For all general infos, advices, all administration matters is responsible Mr. Martin Pazderský, he answers all your emails, so use , or use telephone number that u can find in section "contacts" at our page (please use phone contact in only very urgent matter - not in case u wanna ask me why your payment hasn't been confirmed ) and also - think about time changes - cause last year I got calls at 4 a.m. e.g. I am able at phone from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

How can I pay for SDK. How u will know that payment is mine?

General condition is to pay on time the right sum of money!!!!

We prepared two ways how to pay:
a) To pay the whole final price - the best and most safe way is to send money from your bank account to our bank account or u can deposit cash money to our bank account
We have to see our payment in our account within 14 days from registration!

b) To divide payments into two parts - first part - advance - u must pay 50% from the final price - this must be in our account within 14 days from registration, the second part - pay up - must be in our account till the end of the next month from registration. (e.g. registration is 1.february 2011 - so advance till 14.february 2011 and pay up till 31. March 2011)


I did registration, but I am out of cash.. what can I do?

In any case - write an email about that information to info mail and we will find the best way, we can postpone the payment or talk about the period and amount of cash. But this is really not for everyone, just in very special cases.

Why I haven't received payment confirmation yet? (especially when I sent money yesterday )

We reserve minimally 14 days to confirm payments.. There is always long journey for the money sent - some time from your bank to our bank, then we must wait for bank statement, then some day till I receive that statement, and then..finally I can confirm your payment - generally I do it every Sunday. But this is not a rule.

We would like to make a multiple registration, but we will pay separetly.. how to do that?

Each dancer must write the same variable symbol + name so I can see that the payment is from dancer x, other from dancer y. e.g . 201 Martin Pazderský , 201 Martin Fiedler, 201 Tess Lempartová, etc..
In case that someone will be paying by advance other by whole sum of money, your registration (payment) will be confirmed only when we received minimally from everyone advance. In case that someone wont pay on time, your registration will be canceled even most of u from registration have already paid. So be very carefull about dancers with u in multiple registration.

Do I need to bring any documents while coming to SDK?

Yes!!Each of u must bring filled the certificate of noninfectiousness - its not need to be confirmed by doctor. You will receive that certificate by an email or you can downloaded from our pages.
In case that some underage dancers is going to visit SDK - he must bring document saying and confirming who is taking responsible for that dancer while being on sdk - also will be able to download at our pages - according to the Czech law - its always parents who are responsible for they underage children.

I am coming to SDK EUROPE for shorter time period?

• send your INFO on email (name, surname, address, email, phone no.), if you wish to stay at the tent or you have your own accomodation (no other accomodation allowed), and most important date of your arrival and departure. Please wait for confirmation.
• payment of each day you spend at SDK (counts also a day, if you come in the evening)
• payment per person for each day in a own tent in SDK
• at the camp itself in SDK OFFICE you buy an SDK WORKSHOP LITTLE CARDS by exclusivity (different one from all other SDK cards, you have to buy it personally in the camp at the day of your arrival), costs €20 - €50/per workshop, if there will be no place on the workshop - stage manager will not let you in due to capacity, you may not have to use your SDK WORKSHOP LITTLE CARD, you will get all the money back if you don't use the card due to capacity.

I have already payed for SDK, but I am not able to come, what can I do?

U got three options:
Find some close friend who will be willing to come instead of u Or u can find someone from other city, country, dance group.just u must everytime write an email saying who is not coming and who is coming instead of u.
The third way is to cancel your registration according to our cancelling condition:
Cancelling the application:
Cancel till the end of April - 30% of final amount
Cancel from 1.5.-19.6. - 60% of final amount
Cancel from 20.6. - 100% of final amount

What includes the final price?

a) Accomodation (if u chose )
b) Food (if u chose)
c) Dance card
d) Other - t shirts, dvd etc (if u chose)
The final price is for the whole week/person

In the price of the cards there are included costs of workshops (guaranted 16 workshops, with the Diamond card, you can visit up to 43 workshops!!! - more info on workshops), also costs of parties, jams and battles which will together with you join over 100 world dancers, whom we invited.
As one of the card holders of these cards, you become part SDK.FAMILY. Price includes also admission to SDK.EUROPE (15 €), admission to next SDK Europe battles (3 x 10€ and 3 x 8€), so totally you have tickets in value 69€ for FREE!

Where to pay:

bank number(IBAN): CZ5555000000000519631036
swift code(bic code): RZBCCZPP
Raiffeisenbank a.s., Hvězdova 1716/2B, 14078 Praha 4, Czech republic
VAR_SYMBOL - number of registration