SDK.EUROPE 2011 SCHEDULESDK.EUROPE 2011 SCHEDULE SDK.EUROPE TEAM...added: 30.06.11 | views: 1360LES TWINS INFOLES TWINS INFOWe are very sorry to announce that unfortunately LES TWINS will not be able to come to SDK.EUROPE 2011 due to tour with BEYONCE!!! We had them already confirmed before they won JUSTE DEBOUT 2011 and just a few days ago we got an email saying they won't be able to participate and teach on SDK.EUROPE...added: 23.06.11 | views: 1076HURRIKANE TEACHING ON SDK.EUROPE 2011HURRIKANE TEACHING ON SDK.EUROPE 2011 ONE OF THE BEST LOCKERS IN THE WORLD IS COMING TO GIVE YOU CLASSES ON SDK.EUROPE 2011 AS WELL AS ENTERTAIN ALL OF YOU ON THE BATTLES. WINNER OF JUSTE DEBOUT 2011 LOCKING TOGETHER WITH FIRELOCK BRINGS YOU THE NEW WAY OF FUNK AND SOUL!!! BORN IN HAITI, LIVING IN NY. ONE OF THE NEW GENERATIONS O...added: 23.06.11 | views: 836Queens Graffiti Writers Corner department again encourage graffiti jamming on Street Dance KempQueens Graffiti Writers Corner department again encourage graffiti jamming on Street Dance KempQueens Graffiti Writers Corner department again encourage graffiti jamming on Street Dance Kemp. This year will introduce the brand relaunch of the legendary Molotow Premium spray, which has seen a relaunch this season and has 65 new shades, and you will be able to personally experience the workshop...added: 22.06.11 | views: 904Online registration until 20th June 2011Online registration until 20th June 2011Online registration will be closed on 20th June 2011, after this date possibility to register only by email on, but succesfull registration depends on free capacity! SDK TEAM...added: 16.06.11 | views: 861SDK.EUROPE 2010 VIDEO by MC-FilmSDK.EUROPE 2010 VIDEO by MC-Film Video by MC-FILM. Thank you. P.S. Don't forget about SDK.EUROPE VIDEO CHALLENGE 2011 SDK TEAM...added: 16.06.11 | views: 897Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: STORM (GER)Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: STORM (GER)Niels 'Storm' Robitzky was born 31.7.1969 in Berlin. He started dancing as a little child, but seriously cought on to the dances Bboying, Popping and Locking at the age of 14. His first tours he did for "Bravo Breakdancesensation 84". Soon after that, the big fashion 'Breakdance' died ou...added: 06.06.11 | views: 992SDK EUROPE EAST PRESELECTION RESULTSSDK EUROPE EAST PRESELECTION RESULTS Lockin' - Spunkey Poppin' - T-Boy House Dance - BranuONE Hip Hop Male - Marow Hip Hop Female - Almost B-Boys - Jaro, MiniOne a MiniBOJ All Style Crew - Hip Hop Fakulta PEACE ...added: 05.06.11 | views: 1122R.A.F. CREW on SDK.EUROPE 2011R.A.F. CREW on SDK.EUROPE 2011We are happy to announce that SDK.EUROPE 2011 will welcome one of the biggest names of european Hip Hop culture - R.A.F. crew! Winners of World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2009 Winners Cercle Underground 3rd Edition 2011 Hip Hop - GRICHKA - MARVIN - ROMSS - FRANCIS - NICOLAS MEDEA ...added: 01.06.11 | views: 1006SDK.EUROPE VIDEOSDK.EUROPE VIDEO ...added: 24.05.11 | views: 890Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: LILOU (ALG)Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: LILOU (ALG)Ali Ramdane aka B-Boy Lilou is probably the most popular bboy in the world. Born in 1984 in France, in Lyon, but he has the Algerian ancestry. He moves between two worlds and is perceived as an immigrant in both of them - he's not complete French and not Algerian. She started dancing at age 12. When...added: 24.05.11 | views: 1120Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: TIGHT EYEZ (USA)Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: TIGHT EYEZ (USA)Krump legen Tight Eyez, his real name Ceasare la Ron Willis, and was born 1st of March 1985. In the dance world was formerly also known under the names of Style Ripper, Rude Boy or Young Truth. Together with his sidekick name Mijo (Jo'Artis Rati) are seen as founders of Krump dance style, which is s...added: 24.05.11 | views: 851SDK.EUROPE 2011 UK PRESELECTION - LONDONSDK.EUROPE 2011 UK PRESELECTION - LONDONSDK.EUROPE UK PRESELECTION 22nd May 2011 ADDRESS: Chelsea Old Town Hall, KING'S ROAD KENSINGTON & CHELSEA LONDON SW3 5EE (SLOANE SQUARE STATION) London, United Kingdom ORGANIZER: D-LO ENTERTAINMENT JUDGES : * KAPELA ( SERIAL STEPPERZ ) HIP HOP & BBOY * JOHN AGESILAS ( H...added: 20.05.11 | views: 921SDK.EUROPE IRELAND PRESELECTION - REPORTSDK.EUROPE IRELAND PRESELECTION - REPORT On 1st May there has been historically first of SDK.PRESELECTIONS in the year 2011. In Greystones theatre, co. Wiclow, Ireland we've welcome dancers from all over Ireland, UK and USA! The event has been organised by Krump Ireland and IDF Ireland! WINNERS: House - Kashmir (UK) Hip Ho...added: 09.05.11 | views: 1423SDK.EUROPE 2011 EAST EUROPE PRESELECTION - SLOVAKIASDK.EUROPE 2011 EAST EUROPE PRESELECTION - SLOVAKIAThe main purpose of the SDK Preselection is to find the best individual dancers and crewmembers, not only from Slovakia but from all over Europe. The winners will continue onwards to the most prestigious street dance meeting of summer – SDK.EUROPE 2011. From the past seven years this specia...added: 26.04.11 | views: 1395SDK.EUROPE 2011 IRELAND PRESELECTION - GREYSTONESSDK.EUROPE 2011 IRELAND PRESELECTION - GREYSTONESSUNDAY 1st MAY ( 12pm-11PM ) °°° SDK.IRL Europe Preselections 2011 °°° ((( OPEN FOR ALL COUNTRIES ALL AGE WELCOME ))) ... 5 vs 5 CREW BATTLE ( ALL STYLE ) 1 vs 1 HIP HOP ( FEMALE ) 1 vs 1 HIP HOP ( MALE ) 1 vs 1 POPPIN 1 VS 1 HOUSE 1 VS 1 LOCKING ...added: 18.04.11 | views: 914SDK.EUROPE 2011 GERMANY PRESELECTION -  NEUSSSDK.EUROPE 2011 GERMANY PRESELECTION - NEUSS 21.05.2011 Workshop-Preselections-Afterparty (Jam) 22.05.2011 Main Battles The Location will be in Neuss (10 min from düsseldorf) In a Hall called Greyhound peer. (500 pers) Judges: Hip Hop: Salas(fr) Poppin: franqey(fr) B-Boy: Ardit(ger) Locking: flockey or Rae (ger) House: Naim (F...added: 15.04.11 | views: 920SDK.EUROPE CARAVANSSDK.EUROPE CARAVANSNew opportunity of accomodation in caravans. 20 free caravans!! IN REGISTRATION!...added: 15.04.11 | views: 795Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: MR.WIGGLES (USA)Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: MR.WIGGLES (USA)Mr.Wiggles, real name Steffan Clemment is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and influential personality of contemporary hip-hop culture. He is a member of the world famous Rock Steady Crew and the legendary Electric Boogaloos and the Zulu Nation and Tribal Click. This talented artist excels in dan...added: 08.04.11 | views: 883SDK.EUROPE 2011 BALTIC PRESELECTION - Riga Challenge (Latvia)SDK.EUROPE 2011 BALTIC PRESELECTION - Riga Challenge (Latvia)The most important and biggest event in a dance life of Latvia and Baltic States. "CHALLENGE" 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ! OPEN EUROPEAN STREET DANCE CUP ...MAGIC DANCE EXPO RIGA CHALLENGE 2011 SDK.EUROPE Baltic Preselection "RIGA CHALLENGE" 2011 / "SDK.EUROPE" 2011 P...added: 28.03.11 | views: 1265Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: AUS NINJA (USA)Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: AUS NINJA (USA)Shinobi (AUS) Ninja, full named Ausben Spotted Eagle Jordan II, was born in 1982 in Texas in family of native black Americans. AUS with his family soon moved to Kentucky to search a better life. AUS since birth started teach the traditional Native American dances, together with his family did and st...added: 27.03.11 | views: 820SDK EUROPE 2011: New possibilities of accommodationSDK EUROPE 2011: New possibilities of accommodationAccommodation in Blansko you can find here, bargain accommodation, buses to Jedovnice (SDK Areal) every 30/60 minutes, the journey takes just 15 minutes, for schedule of buses click here. Excellent accommodation can be found in the second largest city of Czech Republic in Brno. The trip to SDK EU...added: 27.03.11 | views: 720Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: LES TWINS (FRANCE)Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: LES TWINS (FRANCE)Les Twins are identical French twins who were born on the 6th December 1988 in the French town Sarcelles. Duo Les Twins is Larry Bourgeois a.k.a "Ca-Blaze" and Laurent Bourgeois a.k.a "Lil' Beast". These two dancers are members of the successful French dance crew called Criminalz...added: 21.03.11 | views: 1382Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: EJOE WILSON (USA)Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: EJOE WILSON (USA)Ejoe began with dance in the late 70s - in the streets of the South Bronx in the middle of an explosion of hip-hop. As a teenager won the world-famous Amateur Night competition at Harlem's Apollo Theater, and not only because that he soon danced in music videos of rap legends such as MC Lyte, Heavy ...added: 13.03.11 | views: 980Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: HENRY LINK (USA)Artists of SDK.EUROPE 2011: HENRY LINK (USA)Henry Link, full name Henry McMillan, is a legendary dancer in the U.S., which this year will come on the SDK for the third time (2008,2009,2011). Henry dance since the age of five and to dance brought him his older sister. He grew up in Brooklyn when the streets began to appear first street dance s...added: 13.03.11 | views: 989SDK.EUROPE 2011 Video TeaserSDK.EUROPE 2011 Video TeaserWatch the new video teaser SDK.EUROPE 2011! Don't miss great oportunity see all these great moments on your own eyes!! Come to SDK.EUROPE 2011! For registration click HERE! All of the videos u can find in our video gallery HERE! Your SDK.EUROPE Team...added: 12.03.11 | views: 901SDK.EUROPE 2011 PRESELECTIONSSDK.EUROPE 2011 PRESELECTIONSSDK EUROPE 2011 PRESELECTIONS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY OF SDK THERE ARE PRESELECTIONS IN SEVERAL PARTNER COUNTRIES. WINNERS OF EACH CATEGORY GET SDK.EUROPE FOR FREE WITH ALL THE WORKSHOPS, ACCOMODATION, FOOD AND ARE NOMINATED STRAIGHT IN THE BATTLES. WINNERS OF CREW BATTLE WILL GET ALSO PAID T...added: 12.03.11 | views: 1418KAPELA (Serial Stepperz) on SDK.EUROPE 2011KAPELA (Serial Stepperz) on SDK.EUROPE 2011Kapela a.k.a. KP great freestyler, uncompromised battler, member of Serial Stepperz. On SDK.EUROPE 2011 you can enjoy his house and hip hop classes and for sure you'll enjoy with him great jams, parties and battles. Watch these great videos: ...added: 11.03.11 | views: 773SDK.EUROPE VIDEO CHALLENGE 2011SDK.EUROPE VIDEO CHALLENGE 2011This year we bring you a contest SDK.VIDEO CHALLENGE. Goal of this contest is to choose the best video capturing moments of SDK.EUROPE 2011 according to your experiences. The video should show what is SDK for you, your best moments and experiences. Let your fantasy and creativity be free!!! ...added: 08.03.11 | views: 1110FLOCKEY - Top World Lockin' Dancer on SDK.EUROPE 2011FLOCKEY - Top World Lockin' Dancer on SDK.EUROPE 2011Christian "Flockey" Mavatiko Flockey will be one of the world's top artists on SDK.EUROPE 2011. Flockey is a dancer who is leaving in the west Germany. He is a crew member of the wide known group that called Bad Newz Mp. Flockey has specialised his style in Locking, and got much insp...added: 08.03.11 | views: 727New SDK.EUROPE Video GalleryNew SDK.EUROPE Video GalleryWatch the best selected video of the SDK.EUROPE in our new stylish video gallery. There you'll find trailers of SDK EUROPE The Best of the SDK EUROPE, also the best battle of SDK.EUROPE BATTLE, memorable battle Kita, Japan Starz, Salah and others. Furthermore, we have prepared a very interesting ...added: 08.03.11 | views: 786New Website SDK.EUROPENew Website SDK.EUROPEWelcome to our new website We have prepared a completely new design, at the new website you will find a lot of interesting information and news. We hope you will enjoy the new site. Your SDK.EUROPE Team...added: 08.03.11 | views: 725SDK Europe 2011 - confirmation of paymentSDK Europe 2011 - confirmation of payment We are very sorry, due to undergoing procces of registration system we are going to confirm all payments today during the night. We havent deleted any registrations, so dont worry. Martin Pazderskı ...added: 08.03.11 | views: 952LES TWINS AT SDK 2011LES TWINS AT SDK 2011CHECK THE VIDEO OF LES TWINS !!! ...added: 08.03.11 | views: 1305SDK EUROPE 2010 PHOTOSSDK EUROPE 2010 PHOTOSPhotos from previous SDK EUROPE 2010 you can find in our gallery HERE: 08.03.11 | views: 948HENRY LINK at SDK 2011HENRY LINK at SDK 2011HENRY LINK - HIP HOP LEGEND - SDK 2011 check the video!!! ...added: 08.03.11 | views: 1853Jagermeister Gallery SDK Europe 2010Jagermeister Gallery SDK Europe 2010Checkt the gallery of Jagermaister from SDK Europe 2010 !!!! 08.03.11 | views: 1069MR. WIGGLES SDK.EUROPE 2011MR. WIGGLES SDK.EUROPE 2011...added: 08.03.11 | views: 1463Food MenuFood MenuFood Menu download HERE...added: 08.03.11 | views: 1338